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The health and safety of all our members who exercise in S & S Fitness Ltd is very important to us. For this reason we wish to establish your current health status before you start your exercise programme. The statements below are designed to identify those persons who should obtain advice from our fitness instructors.

o Do you suffer from a heart condition.
o Do you suffer from breathlessness or chronic asthma.
o Are you diabetic.
o Have you ever had chest pain brought on by exercise or at rest lasting more than 60 seconds.
o Are you aged over 65 and unaccustomed to regular exercise.
o Do you suffer from epilepsy.
o Do you suffer from dizziness or loss of consciousness.
o Are you taking any regularly prescribed drugs or any general medication? i.e. medication for depression etc.
o Have you ever been diagnosed with osteoporosis or suffer from bone or joint problems.
o Do you know of any reason why you Should not start using the gym.
o Do you or have you taken medication for high or low blood pressure or a heart condition.
o Are you currently pregnant.


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